Boogie Brew Canada, The Farmer's Friend!

We offer a wide variety of products meant for both the commercial-scale farmer and the hobby-level gardener.

Our affiliated partner,Kootenay Biological Soil, offers educational tips on how best to use our products and how best to look after the soil.

Boogie Brew Canada is proud to offer both commercial-scale farmers & hobby-level individuals alike with the opportunity to purchase highly-valued individual ingredients. For the beginner or those who are new to compost tea, we have Compost Tea Brewing Kits that have everything you need to brew our popular tea here.

Are you are resourceful farmer who has already sourced or even produced a superb worm casting for themselves? Perhaps you already create your own super-compost, or a home-made biochar? After all, backyard composters can create some of the richest home-crafted compost blends on earth.

The point is that with enough energy & resources, you can always take the time to craft your own BASE, and then boost it with nutrients as you see fit! This is one of the reasons why our BOOGIE-BOOST© has quickly gained so much popularity by itself, as a stand-alone tea-fortifying product.