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Before you grow your organic garden, grow your soil

  • Make sure its acid/alkaline or pH balance is perfect for what you’re growing
  • Provide all the nutrients that your soil might be lacking and that your plants will require
  • Improve your garden's structure so that it holds the oxygen that your plants need, as well as have the capability of retaining necessary moisture and providing critical drainage, by supplying and encouraging strong populations of beneficial microbes that will stimulate the health and growth of your plants.

Most soil amendments are added to improve the structure of the soil, to increase the organic content so that the soil is more capable of holding nutrients and moisture. When these organic materials are added to the soil, they also act in varying degrees as fertilizers, providing a mix of nutrients to plant roots. By first determining the needs of your soil, you can best determine what you should add.

Have a question? We at Kootenay Biological Soils and Boogie Brew Canada are happy to answer your enquiries as to which of our amendments would be best for your particular needs. Click here to access our Customer Service page, where you can send us details of your needs.




Bio Char

Blood Meal

Basalt Rock Dust

Dolomite Lime

Epsom Salt

Glacial Rock Dust

Granular Humic

Humic Acid Soluble

Kelp Meal

Kelp Soluble

Oyster Shell

Rice Hull

Rock Phosphate

Soy Amino Hydrolysate

Soy Meal


Sugar Cane




KBS Worm Castings

Yucca Root Powder

HH Reusable Tea brew bags (LG-SM)

Aloe Vera Powder